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CHBC's 2017 California Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Summit: September 25-27, Sacramento

On September 25 and 26, 2017, the California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC) will return to Sacramento for its fifth annual California Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Summit. Taking place at the at the California Environmental Protection Agency's headquarters, this signature event of the CHBC continues a dialogue between government agencies and businesses to address opportunities and challenges in key environmental, business and market areas. 

On September 27, the half-day Fuel Cell Electric Bus Workshop will feature two segments, the first focusing on educating government stakeholders and transit agencies on the deployment status of the industry, system performance, and fueling options. The second segment will host a discussion among OEMs and technology providers on remaining challenges and adoption barriers (awareness, total cost of ownership and hydrogen infrastructure), engaging policy and regulatory agents such as the ARB, CEC, and Governor’s office.

Also on September 27, the "Stone Edge Farm MicroGrid” Tour will visit the farm's mile-long power line that connects a network of electrical services and integrates various forms of distributed energy generation (solar, microturbine, hydrogen fuel cells) and storage (batteries and hydrogen) with real time monitoring and control.

The Summit will be preceded by California Hydrogen Business Council member committees and Sector Action Groups on Monday morning, September 25.

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-NEW in 2017- Drive your FCEV to the Summit and enjoy VIP treatment with complimentary reserved parking! Email Emanuel Wagner today to reserve your space.


This Summit is being held at a pivotal time for hydrogen and fuel cells. Markets like forklift trucks and backup power for telecommunications are growing, stationary power and energy storage projects are operating and under development, and fuel cell vehicles and buses can be seen in increasing numbers on California roads. There is unprecedented attention and activity to the use of these technologies to help clean California ports, and yet there are challenges to achieving the desired benefits.  Challenges remain in building the necessary hydrogen infrastructure, financing projects, building sustainable supply chains for the manufacture and servicing of equipment, overcoming regulatory and permitting barriers for energy storage and hydrogen fueling, and educating the public. These topics and more will be covered during the Summit, and we encourage you to attend, connect with business and government leaders from around the country, and share the vision of how this industry can address state environmental, energy and business goals and revolutionize our state's portfolio of energy solutions.

We hope to see you there. If you have any questions, please email Emanuel Wagner at or Vera Medici at


About the California Hydrogen Business Council
The California Hydrogen Business Council is comprised of organizations and individuals involved in the business of hydrogen. Its mission is to advance the commercialization of hydrogen in transportation and stationary sources to reduce emissions and dependence on foreign oil. More information at


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